Wendy Moore live radio band performance nh radio

Wendy Performs On NH Radio In Q-Factory Amsterdam

Wendy Moore had an exciting day in sight. NH Radio is a well known radio station in The Netherlands. Wendy got to play on their famous program Countdown Cafe. The program is known for airing live music every Tuesday night. Moore practiced with her diverse live band for over a month to play this gig.  For her first show with a live band, Wendy played an up tempo set of two original songs. Debut single “So Over Fake Friends” and her unreleased song “Relapse”were both performed with band. The songs got a repackage, played with quick guitar solo’s,  swinging bass guitar and banging drums.  A the third song Wendy sang an acoustic cover of the hit song Bury A Friend by Billie Eilish. 

On the other stage at the same time performed one of Wendy’s favorite singers, K-pop singer SUNMI.  She has looked up to the singer for over a year now and to play in the same venue as SUNMI meant a lot to Wendy.  After playing her own set, Wendy got to see SUNMI sing as well.  SUNMI inspires her a lot to be the artist that she is today. 

Moore’s full performance was aired on sunday June 9th at 6:00. You can listen to the full set on Spotify here (Wendy Moore starts at 11:40): https://open.spotify.com/episode/13GINlKcv0zj7c0s9ICKyO?si=ES5Dg6o2SsKoXPkUqHwMLg

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