Wendy Moore In Q-Factory Amsterdam on June 4th

Wendy Moore on Radio Inholland

On May 15, you could hear an interview on radio Inholland with Wendy Moore on a beautiful Thursday morning at 11:30. Inholland radio is a student radio station from the school Inholland, made and presented by students from the school itself. 

The interview started off with a preview of Wendy’s acoustic version of her new song ‘Relapse’ that will be released around July 2019. They continued talking about how Wendy started music through playing and falling in love with the guitar three years ago. Wendy also tells Inholland how important it is for her to deliver inspiring messages through lyrics and melody. She wants to be a voice for her generations and people who need it, doing this through her songs. 

Lastly they talked about Wendy’s inspirations, artists who left a footprint in her life like Avril Lavigne, Shawn Mendes and her close friend Ben Reel.  Wendy picked Kpop female rapper Mamamoo’s Moonbyul as her dream collaboration. “ I think our voices would match really well and it would be so cool to make a song with someone who speaks a completely different language! “ Wendy spoke with a smile. The interview finished off with Inholland radio playing her self-written debut song “So Over Fake Friends”. 

You can find and listen to the whole interview on http://feelinradio.nl (May 15, 11:30)

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