Wendy Moore Covers BTS songs in Paris

In the weekend of June 7/8, the famous K-pop group BTS,  made a two day stop in Paris to perform in the sold out Stade De France. Wendy has been a fan of the group for over two years. Moore went to Paris to see her idols concert on Saturday night and had the time of her life. The next day, the city of Paris was flooded with BTS fans, the so called ARMY, and Wendy decided to give them a little show. With a stunning view of the Eiffel Tower behind her, quickly a crowd of ARMY started to form as Wendy played the hit song “FAKE LOVE” as an english acoustic version. Wendy had written the lyrics for the cover herself a while ago and this was the perfect day to play the song live for the first time. She continued with her english cover of “DNA”, another hit song of BTS, to finish with a bang. 

You can now watch the live cover of BTS – “FAKE LOVE” on Wendy’s youtube channel. 

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