Wendy Moore vrienden van Zandvoort festival

Wendy Moore At Vrienden Van Zandvoort Festival

The Vrienden van Zandvoort festival took place in Wendy’s hometown Zandvoort on June 15th. With a beautiful location next to the famous beach, Moore got to open the festival with a thirty minute acoustic set. Wendy played a mix of her own original songs as well as known cover songs with her own twist added to them.

Soon after the grand opening, the audience was singing loudly to the classic“ this is the life”. After clapping along to “Uptown Funk”,  Wendy unexpectedly played a cover of “Arcade” by Duncan Laurence with which her country The Netherlands won this years Songfestival. Follow by a cool acoustic cover of Billie Eilish “ Bury A Friend” and an English version of the fun K-pop song “Get Cool” by Stray Kids, thirty minutes when by fast and the set came closer to an end.

Of course Wendy finished with an Acoustic version of her Self-written Debut single “So Over Fake Friends” which she released in march. Wendy: “ This was one of my favorite gigs yet. The audience was so much fun and the stage looked beautiful. I had a great time!” 

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