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Dawn After Dusk EP Out Now!

This first EP by Wendy Moore is made for the dreamers and the ones who are still searching in life for the little sparks that ignite their hearts. The name ‘Dawn After Dusk’ is symbolic to all the darker periods of our lives, that will pass eventually into a brighter tomorrow.

This EP consists of 6 tracks written by Wendy Moore: Intro: Aurora, BEAST, IDK How To Be Fun, Running, That’s Not You and Ribs Are Cages.

Dawn After Dusk is the first EP by Wendy Moore and is released on may 26 2023. Each song has a life and meaning of it’s own, telling the different experiences Wendy has during the past 3 years. It’s unique sounding tracks vary in style and experiment the potential of pop mixed with guitar.


About the songs
Dawn After Dusk opens with Intro: Aurora. A short introduction to the rest of the Ep, with it’s
instrumental being a mix of the other 5 tracks and a thrilling narration that sets the mood.

The first of the two title tracks, ‘BEAST’, let’s out Wendy’s inner beast in a desperate call to listen
to her heart in an electrified pop-rock tune with an easy hook and a darker undertone.

Next is title track ‘IDK How To Be Fun’, an introverted pop-rock song that features a catchy guitar
riff and speaks up about feeling out of place. The track was already played on major radio’s such at
Radio2 and Radio Veronica in The Netherlands.

‘Running’ is the 3rd track on the record, a melancholic sing-along that nods to depression,
loneliness, insecurities and being tired of the stones life throws at you. A relatable track that caries
beautiful piano, strings and live drums.

Followed up by the first song that Wendy wrote for the Ep, ‘That’s Not You’, which has a singer-
songwriter feel to it. The track is an angry letter to herself, saying giving up isn’t in her blood.
Follow this broken compass, might be the most important lyric of the EP because that is the feeling
that relates to many people looking for meaning in this world.

‘Ribs Are Cages’ an energetic and angry pop-rock song with a fun guitar hook, wraps up this first
Ep by Wendy Moore. The song speaks about letting go of toxic relationships in life, and is a perfect
end to a story about a growing. Ribs Are Cages also got airplay on major radios like 3FM.

” This EP is For the dreamers and the ones a bit lost in life”

Dawn After Dusk is now Available everywhere!

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Get The Dawn After Dusk Signed CD!

Now also available on CD! Wendy Moore Dawn After Dusk CD Signed by Wendy herself! Wendy designed the whole CD herself! Now also with a special editions which includes the signed cd, poster, mini posters, stickers, lyric booklet and logo bracelet!

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