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In the beautiful coastal town of Zandvoort, The Netherlands, an authentic and empowering voice is rising in the music scene: Wendy Moore. Born in Haarlem on 26 November 1998, Wendy's passion for the arts manifested early in her life.

Remarkably, at the tender age of 6, Wendy embarked on a sporting career in dressage horse riding. She swiftly advanced through the ranks, earning a spot on the Dutch talent team. However, destiny had a different path in store for her.

When Wendy picked up a guitar in her teens, it ignited a love for music so profound that she decided to reroute her journey entirely. She made the bold decision to quit school and horse riding to chase her newfound dream: creating music. Today, Wendy's courage and dedication are reflected in her distinctive blend of pop, rock, and alternative music, coupled with heartfelt lyrics that impact both the Dutch and global music scene.

Wendy's music offers a sanctuary for dreamers. Her songs tackle relatable themes such as dreams, hope, sadness, overcoming personal boundaries, heartbreak, and toxic relationships. Her unique sound encapsulates her life experiences and wide-ranging musical influences, from Avril Lavigne and Shawn Mendes to K-pop stars BTS, Mamamoo, and Stray Kids.

Known for her epic pop performances with a guitar in hand, Wendy's passion extends beyond just singing. As a songwriter, she weaves a narrative of resilience and self-expression into her songs, making her music an immersive experience that resonates with listeners.

As an openly lesbian artist, Wendy Moore also uses her platform to champion for LGBTQ+. She is a known figure in the queer community, writing songs about love for girls and performing at pride events. Her inclusive and positive message is empowering for the queer community and beyond.

Her upcoming EP 'Dawn After Dusk', set to release on June 2nd, features her latest single 'BEAST'. This song is a powerful anthem about following one's heart and releasing the inner beast that lies within us all. Another of her self-written songs, 'IDK How To Be Fun', has become an anthem for introverted people. The song has been played on major radio stations in The Netherlands and is gaining popularity on TikTok as we speak.

Wendy is now an independent artist under her own label, Moore Music Studio. Her journey is a testament to her determination and commitment to her craft.

As Wendy continues to grow as an artist, her dreams extend beyond the borders of The Netherlands. She aspires to tour the world one day, collaborating with other renowned artists and spreading her music to an international audience. Wendy envisions her fans accompanying her on this journey, not just as passive listeners but as active participants in a shared life experience. "Fighting our inner demons together and becoming our own light," as Wendy puts it.

Wendy Moore is not only an artist but wants to be an inspiration for many, proving that music is a powerful platform for expressing authenticity and promoting inclusivity. With her passion, Wendy Moore is definitely an artist to watch, as she continues to touch hearts and inspire listeners around the world.

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