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Dutch Ambassador of Pride at the beach 2021/2022 & singer / songwriter Wendy Moore creates guitar

dominant pop music with lyrics that tell stories. With Moore’s distinctive voice, compelling performance, and songwriting from a fresh point of view, she continues to expand her sound with every release.

Wendy is known for her first single “So Over Fake Friends”. A relatable fun-sounding acoustic pop song about letting go of fake people, which she released march 29th, 2019.

Moore released her second single ‘Relapse’, a catchy dark-themed pop song about a toxic relationship, in December 2019.
Besides speaking up about relatable topics in today’s society and delivering messages in her music, Moore has been very vocal about her sexual orientation.

She wants to inspire confidence in people belonging to the LGBTQ community. Wendy aspires to give people hope to chase their dreams and confidence to be who they are and love themselves for it.
Her newest song Elixer was released late 2020.

A singer-songwriter sounding song with a catchy melody and lyrics about dealing with depression and sadness. Before the corona crisis she was seen on stages like the dutch Q-factory in the Countdown Cafe, De Duycker, MainStage Pride Zandvoort and her debut single was played in the top 10 of the biggest dutch music TV program in The Netherlands, XITE.

Wendy is currently working on her first EP dated to release this year.



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So Over Fake Friends Remix


Elixer – Wendy Moore


Relapse – Wendy Moore


So Over Fake Friends